The company has gained international recognition

The company's expertise is testified by its strong and reputable presence in the global marketplace both as a supplier to a long list of customers as well as a partner to synergies with some of the world's leading manufacturers in the defence and aerospace industry. In addition, HAI has established strategic alliances and business co-operations or participates to partnerships such as:

  • Memorandums of co-operation have been signed with Lockheed Martin, ΕΑDS, Dassault, Finmeccanica, Thales, Pratt & Whitney, Snecma, Boeing which lead to agreements in a wide range of activities
  • Pratt & Whitney and Hellenic Aerospace Industry have created a single source for global aviation's controls and accessories MMRO, «1Source Aero Services A.E.»
  • HAI participates and collaborates with National and International Agencies in Aerospace, Defense and Security, such as, the Hellenic Aerospace and Defense Companies Association of Greece, the European Organisation for Security, ASD, European Space Agency, and European Defense Agency.
  • HAI participates in Major Research Initiatives of European Union such as the CleanSky and ARTEMIS, as well as in National Consortia for Research and Technology programs implementation.

Also, the company is certified:

  • By Rolls-Royce as one of the six Authorized Maintenance Centers - AMC operating in the world for Τ56 aero engines
  • By LOCKHEED MARTIN as Authorized Maintenance Centers - AMC for C-130 aircraft
  • By SNECMA as Authorized Maintenance Centers - AMC for Μ53 aero engines
  • By HONEYWELL for Τ53 aero engines