26/04/2024: HAI: Announcement-protest against the leak of a recruitment notice

On 24 April 2024, the draft of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry's notice ΣΟΧ 1/2024 for 156 recruitments in various fields was posted on an informative website for public and private sector recruitment, which is not final, but has been sent to the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) for processing and approval as required by law.

It is obvious that this premature publication of the non-final text of the notice undermines the legal procedure and creates confusion for candidates, as the notice has not yet taken its final form.

For this reason, applicants are invited to submit their applications within the deadline set in the final text of the notice and not in the draft published on this website, as any incorrect submission may result in the rejection of their application.

The Management of Hellenic Aerospace Industry considers that the leakage of the draft of the said notice makes it imperative that a full and in-depth investigation of the case be carried out and that specific responsibilities of all kinds be attributed where they belong, and pledges that immediately after the approval by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, the notice ΣΟΧ 1/2024 will be officially posted in order to follow the procedure foreseen.